I suggest you ...

to please allow 2 or more cards to be made/edited at a time it makes data imput much much efficient

while making flash cards i often have to go back to another card and check if the last card needs to be edited or not
so the card that i was making now has to be like canceled and then i go back in to the data base and change the previous one
if editing multiple cards was available i could save time to write the whole new card :D thanks

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    In addition to multiple open edit-dialogs, it would be nice, if the card-browser could be clicked/used while editing cards (= non-modal card-edit-window).

    Sometimes I have 2 or more cards regarding one topic or chart. The chart shown in the question stays the same, but the exact question asked about this chart differs (and thus the answer does). Sometimes I need to change the previous card or head back to it in order to check something. To do so, I have to close the add-dialog, got to the browser and find the other card, change/view it, close it and subsequently open the newest card again.

    Expected workflow:
    - Open cardbrowser
    - click "New card", start editing
    - go back to card-browser (card-window stays open)
    - find an old card and click "edit" or even add another new card
    - new card-window opens (alternatively, opening a new tab in the previous card-window would be nice)
    - switch between open card-windows/tabs as you like
    - save in any order / close windows in any order
    - card-browser: clicking any card that's already open should bring its window/tab to the foreground
    - the cardbrowser entries should be updated, when the card is saved

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